About Us

Better Home, Better Life

We are ICON BEST, a new and innovative e-commerce platform with corporate headquarters based in Toronto.

Canada is a land of endless possibilities and at Icon Best we believe in supporting those who want to explore the possibilities of creation and design in new products as well as those who want to enjoy new innovation to upgrade their homes and lifestyles.

ICON BEST has a network that spans the globe with partners in Asia, Europe and the Americas.  We work closely with experts in the fields of design, manufacture, shipping and retailing.  The worldwide logistics that support this network provide an environment for Canadians to develop product and the means to deliver that product to the market here in Canada.

At ICON BEST, a major goal is to undertake extensive research to discover new and improved products envisioned by Canadians and to make it possible for these concepts to be created and made available nationwide.

We will strive to expand our product and service levels to become an integral part of the lives of all Canadians and to share the Canadian experience with global markets.

The growth and success of ICON BEST will allow the corporation to become a leader in e-commerce with a strong Canadian foundation for on-line and off-line marketing.  This will secure a strong market position for Canada and its products and services.

All things are possible when people work together to achieve their goals.  Our commitment is to the partnerships that we forge with Canadians and providing guidance as we, together, make our visions become realities

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