UROS Inflatable Paddle Boards

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Product Description:

The Icon Best’s “UROS” inflatable paddle boards are fabricated and structured by the strongest EVA and two layers of PVC, together with the top levelled drop-stitch technique, we are bringing the customer the most reliable MSL materialized inflatable paddle boards in the most outstanding styles and designs for you to enjoy the summer water times.

Product Features:

Pre-laminated Double Layer DWF (MSL Material)
Comfortable EVA layer for standing/sitting in balance for a long time.
Unique styles and colors

Waterproof backpack opening sideway (full-opening style)
Two-way pumps with pressure reader
Adjustable aluminum paddle
Waterproof cellphone case
3 removable fins
ankle leash (10 ft)

11’x32’’x6’ (yellow, orange, blue, and wooden pattern)

10.6’x32’x6’ (yellow, orange, blue)

8’x30’x4’ (kid)


(11’x32’x6’): Gross Weight 15 KG, Net Weight 14KG

(10.6’x32’x6’): Gross Weight 14 KG, Net Weight 13 KG

(8’x30’x4’): Gross Weight 12.5 KG, Net Weight 11.5 KG


1 year

Additional information


10.6"x32"x6", 11"x32"x6", 8"x30"x4"

General Color

Blue, Green, Orange, Wood, Yellow

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UROS Inflatable Paddle Boards

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